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Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer

Have you or your loved ones recently been involved in a car accident that was caused by someone? Do you need legal advice on the next course of action? Bendix Law is there to help you. As a personal injury lawyer, we will help you identify if you have rights to any claim that will help you ease the effects of the incident. We're committed to helping all our clients get what's rightfully theirs. Therefore, we’ll keep fighting until you fully recover or obtain the necessary compensation. What’s more? You don’t have to pay for the service until the compensation has been settled. 


Bendix Law is a highly rated Brooklyn personal injury lawyer and has been helping multiple clients for more than 30 years. During that period, we have recovered millions of dollars worth of claims for our clients. We have a long track record of offering satisfactory services to accident victims in New York and have constantly improved on the quality of our services. Therefore, you can trust us to do a solid job for you.


Contact Bendix Law today to get started. Call (718) 388 - 2225 or fill out this simple form to speak with William within 30 minutes*.

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What Are The Common Causes of Car Accidents in Urban Areas?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 36,650 people lost their lives in car accidents while more than 2.71 million people were hospitalized due to similar reasons. Despite advancements in technology and the innovativeness of car manufacturers, road accidents are still a common occurrence. For the past few years, car manufacturers have added newer and smarter features to their products, such as collision systems, sensors, adaptive headlights, and backup cameras, to vehicles in a bid to make them safer. But these incidents still happen every time. So, what exactly is causing them? The major causes include:

  • Distractions while driving: Distractions are one of the biggest causes of car accidents. Engaging in multiple activities while driving will affect your concentration and make it impossible to focus on what’s happening around you. 

  • Intoxication: Alcohol consumption makes it impossible for drivers to maintain the focus needed to drive safely. Every driver is expected to drive sober to guarantee their safety and that of other road users. 

  • Speeding: Driving at extremely high speed is a common cause of head-on collisions. Overspeeding affects the anticipation of the driver and makes it impossible to avoid obstacles on the way. 

  • Fatigue: It’s important that drivers are well rested before getting on the road. Conditions such as sleepiness, drowsiness and mental exhaustion can lead to car accidents. 

Who Should Be Responsible For Your Compensation After a Car Accident?

There are two major laws regarding recovering money and compensation after an accident occurs in New York - No-fault insurance and Comparative negligence. These laws explain how you'll be paid compensation after an accident. 

No-fault Insurance 

Whenever you purchase a motor vehicle, you'll be required to purchase auto-insurance plans. This insurance policy will serve as the main source of compensation for any accident victim. Under New York's No-fault rules, you'll have to seek compensation from your insurer after you suffer an injury. 


However, don't expect your insurance provider to simply pull out their checks and start clearing all damages. Many insurers will do their best to reduce the value of your claim or even avoid paying totally. That's why you need to protect yourself by hiring a personal injury lawyer. Bendix Law has been handling car accident personal injury cases for over 30 years in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We'll ensure that you're rightfully compensated for damages incurred. 

Comparative Negligence 

Your insurer is your first source of compensation to cover injuries and additional damages caused by an accident. However, an insurer will only pay up to policy limits. So, what happens when you still need more money to settle other damages or if your claim is totally denied? That's where New York's comparative fault rules come in. 


You need to note that New York is a comparative fault state. Under the Comparative Fault Rules, anyone who contributes to an accident can be held liable for injuries. This means that you may be able to sue a negligent person for damages. This person may be a motorcyclist, truck driver, bus driver, employer, pedestrian or any liable manufacturer. Bendix Law is ready to help you make a case against any negligent person that's put your life in danger. We'll fight for your rights and compensation. 

Bendix Law is an experienced and trusted Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer that will help you get justice and maximum compensation for you or your loved one. Book a free consultation with us or give us a call today.

Call (718) 388-2225 now for a free consultation.

Why Should You Hire Bendix Law As Your Car Accident Lawyer?

Our main goal as a professional car accident lawyer is to ensure that you get compensated for expenses such as:

  • Vehicle repair or purchase of a replacement

  • Property repair or replacement

  • Medical fees 

  • Permanent physical disabilities

  • Funeral or burial costs (if a loved one dies due to the accident)

  • Bodily pains

  • Lack of access to wages

  • Loss of consortium

  • Reduced earning capacity

If you’ve been an accident victim, you need a professional car accident attorney to help you seek legal redress. Bendix Law is an experienced personal injury lawyer that can represent your best interests and help you get the compensation you deserve. Call now for a free consultation.

These are the reasons why you should call now:


  • Bendix Law has been serving Williamsburg, Brooklyn, since 1988. As a result, we are familiar with all the local laws and can help you win your case. 

  • Bendix Law offers personalized legal services. We understand that no two legal cases are the same, and ensure that every new case gets the proper attention. 

  • Bendix Law has been in this business for many years. We have developed an effective system for handling car injury cases and have proven results to show for it. 

  • We will not charge you for consulting until you fully recover your claim.

Contact Us Today

Have you recently suffered damage from a car accident due to someone else's negligence? Are you looking for a car accident lawyer with numerous years of experience to help you make an accident case and get a fair settlement? Look no further than Bendix Law.


We have over 30 years of experience in car accident personal injury and have recovered multiple claims for clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, and other regions in New York.


We have everything to help you build a personal injury and come out on top. You can reach us on (718) 388-2225 to get started today. 

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